Experiments in Manhood launched in early 2011 to celebrate dad life. Or to lament its challenges. This weekly column is about being a husband, a dad, and a guy. In Summer 2011, we started publishing guest essays from fellow writer dads because being a dad is awesome. This fact–and the dad’s perspective in general–is not well represented in media. The parenting titles at newsstands are targeted for mothers even as the father’s domestic role has increased from past generations.

Especially in my case. Call me Duffer. Three out of the five workdays I am a stay-at-home dad. I’m the only guy in my yoga class and one of the few regular guys at the preschool. My wife is a heart nurse; she is patient with me. In 2009, we relocated from the city to the suburbs to get away from bullets and get closer to our family. Recently, I bought my first hammer drill and my first gas-powered lawn tool. I’m learning that most of life’s problems can be solved by knowing which tool to use. For more about me check out my website at www.robertduffer.com. Thanks for reading.

To submit an essay, ask a question, send a product demo, or any other queries, click here.

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